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Beulah Mae Combs Szostecki (March 17, 1927June 21, 2015), better known by her ring name as Cora Combs, was an American professional wrestler. She was the last survivor of the Billy Wolfe troupe.

Beulah Mae "Cora" Combs was born March 17, 1927 in Hazard, Kentucky to parents Lourenza D Combs & Susie Mai Wright. Before she was a professional wrestler, Cora Combs was a country music singer. In 1949, she attended a pro wrestling show headlined by Mildred Burke, then the biggest star in women's pro wrestling. Nick Gulas presented her to pro wrestler Billy Wolfe, who trained her. She married Chester Joseph Szostecki in the early to mid 1950's.

Cora Combs also wrestled her own daughter, Debbie Szostecki (ring name Debbie Combs), under a mask as Lady Satan.

In 2007, Cora Combs was inducted in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Cora Combs had a son Charles David Szostecki and daughter, Debra Ann Szostecki (ring name Debbie Combs), who also was a professional wrestler.

On June 21, 2015, Cora Combs died in Nashville at the age of 88. She had pneumonia in the week preceding her death.

Link to her Obituary [1]

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