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Cruelly Murdered: The Murder of Mary Magdalene Pitts and Other Kentucky True Crime Stories is a book written by Keven McQueen. It was first published in 2008.


In this follow-up to "Murder in Old Kentucky," Keven McQueen presents detailed and thoroughly researched true crime stories from Kentucky history, spanning in time from the state's early history to the Roaring Twenties.

The stories include the case of the governor's son who was tried for murder four times and eventually pardoned by his father; Edward Hawkins, a murderer on the move with a pronounced taste for bigamy; the 1883 shooting of a promising young Louisville artist; the infamous 1887 murder of Jennie Bowman, a Louisville maid, by two burglars; and the abuse and murder of three-year-old Mary Magdalene Pitts of Greenup County by her father and a housekeeper, still one of Kentucky's most notorious crimes.