For Sheila

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Sheila is a short children's novel written by Ann H. Gabhart. It was first published in 1991.


Sydney's older sister, Sheila, always wanted to be a great actress, but died before she could realize her dream. Now Sydney has won the lead in the drama society's latest production. Deep down, Sydney knows that she is not destined for the stage--she much prefers her part-time job taking care of the dogs that board at the veterinarian's office. But the girl is confused--not only is she still mourning her sister, but she must also come to terms with her parents' divorce and her father's impending remarriage.

She is also caught up in a romantic dilemma typical of this genre: she must choose between a self-centered actor and another, only slightly more appealing boy. The only bright spot in Sydney's life is the companionship of a mysterious dog that only she can see.

Although Sydney never determines whether the dog is a hallucination or a supernatural phenomenon, she does manage to sort out her feelings. This tedious task is accomplished through an overabundance of melodramatic interior monologues. The characters here lack sparkle, and go through their paces sluggishly.

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