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Grimm Tidings is a novel written by Shiloh Walker. It was first published in 2012.


In his mortal life, the only thing Jacob liked better than money was a good brawl - until he stuck his fist into the wrong fight, and a demon sent him spinning into a new life as a Grimm.

Now, a hundred years later, he's been called to protect someone too much like himself. A woman who could let the chains of her past drag her down unless she learns to let go. A woman who fights like there's no tomorrow, because she clearly doesn't want a tomorrow.

Celeste thought her second chance at life would be an opportunity to fix some of her worst mistakes, to set things straight. She couldn't have been more wrong. She's trapped by the past and her regrets, and nothing - not even her darkly sexy new trainer, Jacob - has a blade sharp enough to cut her loose.

Chains are Jacob's specialty, but his help comes with a price. To her, the cost is her heart. To Jacob... something much more.