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If You See Her is a novel written by Shiloh Walker. It was first published in 2012.


The victim of an abusive marriage, Hope Carson knows all about surviving. She's trying to make a new life for herself in Ash, Kentucky, but it's not going as planned. Within a few weeks to Ash, she's attacked and implicated in an assault on her closest friend. Her abusive ex-husband was in law enforcement - cops and lawyers are the very last people she wants to trust.

Remy Jennings, the local district attorney, knows better than to fall for a woman who may or may not be involved in a crime that happened in his small town...and who he may have to prosecute. But he can't deny the attraction. Nor can he deny the way she makes him feel when she looks at him.

Hope's past is chasing after her, threatening to catch up with her. Torn between desire and the need to protect her, Remy is determined to earn her trust...while he still can.