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John Fallis (April 13, 1880 - August 18, 1929) was a grocer and a bootlegger who was known as "King of Craw" in the Crawfish Bottom portion of Frankfort in the early 1900s.

He was known as a mercurial man who at one time shot four out of the eight policemen in Frankfort during the attempt to free his son, Carlos. Fallis had been told his son was being beaten by two policemen.

He was also known to be a kind and very giving man, often giving poor Craw community members money to buy coal or food for their family.

He once disappeared for a period of time, the length of that time is debated from a week to a year or longer, supposedly due to marriage problems or possibly legal troubles. He rigged his pontoon boat to explode with dynamite and placed scraps of clothing around the area to make it appear as if he'd blown up. After a duration of time passed, he simply showed back up at his doorstep.

Fallis was murdered during a craps game on the corner of Clinton Street and Gashouse Alley in 1829. He was initially buried in Frankfort Cemetery but was later moved to Sunset Memorial Gardens to be interred next to his wife after her death in 1970.

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