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Louisville Murder & Mayhem: Historic Crimes of Derby City is a book written by Keven McQueen. It was first published in 2012.


Life in Louisville in the years following the Civil War, and through the turn of the century, was as exciting as it was dangerous. The city continued to grow as important urban hub of culture and commerce, connecting the South with the Midwest and Northern states. As Keven McQueen proves in this collection of morbid tales of crime and depravity, life in Louisville certainly had a darker side. Journey back to a time when Louisville's streets were filled with rail cars, its alleys populated by thieves, and its brothels hummed with activity. Whether it's the tale of the marriage of a convicted murderer to a notorious prostitute, or the exploits the criminal duo dubbed Louisville's Bonnie and Clyde," this is a true crime collection that is truly hard to believe."