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Michael Williams (born December 17, 1952) is an American author. He is known for his Dragonlance novels.

Williams was born and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He has lived in Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Ireland and England. Between 1983 and 1984, approximately 200 people left TSR as a result of mutilple rounds of layoffs; as a result Williams joined CEO John Rickets, as well as Mark Acres, Andria Hayday, Gaye Goldsberry O'Keefe, Gali Sanchez, Garry Spiegle, Carl Smith, and Stephen D. Sullivan in forming the game company Pacesetter on January 23, 1984. His first novel, Weasel's Luck, was published in 1988, followed by Galen Beknighted (1990), Arcady (1996), Allamanda (1997), Trajan's Arch (2010) and Vine: An Urban Legend (2012). His novel Dominic's Ghosts was published through Seventh Star Press in August 2018 followed by a re-issue of Vine: An Urban Legend in October 2018.

Currently, Williams teaches Humanities at the University of Louisville.