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Miss DuPont (April 28, 1894February 6, 1973) was an American film actress and fashion designer.

Sometimes credited as Patty DuPont, Miss DuPont was born as Patricia Hannon in Frankfort, Kentucky. She appeared as a wealthy and naive American woman seduced by Erich von Stroheim's odious count in Foolish Wives (1922). Although Stroheim is credited with discovering her, she had already made several films beginning in 1919 with The Day She Paid.

She was the second wife of Sylvanus Stokes. They met while he was traveling in Los Angeles shortly after his 1926 divorce from his first wife, Margaret Fahnestock Stokes, and were married in January, 1928. She was living on Via Linda in Palm Beach, Florida, near the Palm Beach Country Club, in 1958. Miss Dupont died in Palm Beach in 1973.


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