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Never as it Seems is a novel written by Shiloh Walker. It was first published in 2010.


When a woman shares her deepest secret with the man she loves, the last thing she wants is for him to laugh at her. Or worse... not believe her. But that was what happened three years ago when Chloe Perkins confided in Leo Brant.

I'm psychic.

The words were like a bombshell, one that had a cataclysmic effect on their relationship. Leo's world was black and white and he didn't believe in any of that. Walking away from Chloe all but killed him, but the lies she told him would have destroyed them anyway.

Now she's back in his life, all but thrown into his arms.

He's got a new job and it's all centered around Chloe.

Keep her safe. That's it. He isn't supposed to want her, love her, need her... and yet here she is, back in his life once more and all he can do is want her, love her, need her.

With danger breathing down her neck, he's going to have his hands full and he needs to be smart and stay away. But his black and white world is suddenly getting rather gray and he can't seem to tell up from down, right from wrong, truth from lie...