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Risk Me is a novel written by Shiloh Walker and Bella Love-Wins. It was first published in 2017.


he was mine before I ever laid eyes on her. LeVan It took an instant to know we were meant to be. She wanted an escape and my arms were wide open. She endured a life of pain. I could give her solace. She saw baggage. I saw hope and connection.

But most of all, to her, I was forbidden. I wanted her more because of it.

And just when I thought I had her, we were ripped apart. One innocent act to escape forced our families onto a collision course. I was fooled into believing she could risk everything for me.

Her hands were tied. She was more of a prisoner than I'd ever thought possible. She was just out of reach. And watching, waiting and wishing wouldn't bring her back to me.

But people like us never got lifetimes of happiness. Moments, maybe. We didn't get fairy tale endings. Our love story seemed destined to end in tragedy.