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The Cloud Serpents is a novel written by Graham Watkins. It was first published in 2013.


While doing field work at Teotihuacan in Mexico, anthropologist Dr. Carolyn Burroughs finds a very unusual little statue, a statue which seems to confirm some of her theories about the ancient city. But finding the statue leads in turn to an experience so unbelievable that she tries to dismiss it as the product of a mild sunstroke. But, as she becomes involved in a romantic liason with student Bob Anderson, it gradually becomes apparent to her that the experience was no delusion after all--but she still doesn't suspect that it will in the end lead her to discover things about herself that she could never have imagined.

Meanwhile, two psychiatrists, one in New York City and one in California, confer by letter concerning a patient who believes the roots of his current problems lie in a series of surreal adventures he describes to them under hypnosis, events he says took place in Arizona and Mexico in 1949--events which, unknown to them, lie like ticking time bombs in the lives of the other characters.

And in the mountains of North Carolina, Televangelist and Christian college founder Hubert McKnight, known to his friends and followers as Huey Mac, looks for ways to expand his growing empire. He has no way of knowing that Carolyn and Bob are on their way to visit his campus, or what incredible horrors will follow when they arrive...