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The Eck-Vidya: Ancient Science of Prophecy is a book written by Paul Twitchell. It was first published 1972.


Few people outside of ECKANKAR have ever heard of the ECK-Vidya, the ancient science of prophecy, which is the modus operandi for delving into the past, present and future, used by the adepts of Ancient Order of Vairagi-this is the order of ECK Masters. It gives man much to think about, that he has a way to receive and give certain knowledge about one's self which is useful and valuable. Life is largely a struggle in which man employs the known in an effort to conquer the unknown. Everywhere people are endeavoring to predict the future for meeting it in a more prepared manner. The whole story of the ECK-Vidya is the penetration into the realms of the generally unknown areas, not yet explored by the psychics, scientists, mystics or saints. The ECK-Vidya involves the principle of the cycles of life. It is up to the individual to learn these subtle changes and to make the adjustment as they arise. The minor changes always affect the greater changes. So when one is able to recognize and handle the very smaller cycles within himself, then he is able to bring about control over his life in the inner which controls his whole universe, that which he carries with himself at all times. ECKANKAR, of itself, is the highest path to God. But in its own broad and comprehensive aspects are included thirty or more facets or spiritual works, such as prophecy, healing, self-realization, the deja-vu powers, siddhi (spiritual knowledge), omnipresence, making events happen for one's own future, to name a few. All these are carried on upon a higher spiritual level than those of the occult, metaphysical and religious teachings. The vibrations of anyone practicing the ECK-Vidya are so high that those on the lower psychic scale can never be compared with them.