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The Man Who Loved Birds is a novel written by Fenton Johnson. It was first published in 2016.


A rogue Vietnam vet, a Trappist monk, and a Bengali immigrant doctor meet amid the daydream landscape of monastery forests and fields in this novel about the eternal conflict of love and the law. Johnny Faye, who lives to tell a good story, teaches Brother Flavian and Dr. Meena Chatterjee how to love, radically transforming all they thought they believed about desire and duty, action and contemplation, reason and faith. An anti-hero in a long American tradition, Johnny Faye makes a game of taunting the state police until he comes up against Henry Vetch, an ambitious district attorney for whom the law is a means not to justice but to power. Their struggle leads to an end both inevitable and poignant. At times funny and erotic, harrowing and moving, The Man Who Loved Birds is a quintessentially American story told through original and unforgettable characters.