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Theo's Story is a novel written by Ron Rhody. It was published February 20, 2009


On the eve of World War II, the coatless body of prominent publisher Benjamin Dannan is found lying in the snow beside a lonely road in east Kentucky, far from home. No one knows why he is there or how he got there, or whether his death is accident or murder.

The high-profile mystery remains for thirty years until an odd chain of events leads columnist Theo Clark to a story he cannot write--the story of the Dannans and Jesse Bristow. The search takes place in the middle of Bristow's bitterly fought governor's race, and leads Theo from a remote Melungeon village and the mystery of the Lost Colony to the coal mines of Harlan County and the aftermath of The Battle At Evarts.

There is a "perfect murder" to confront, a scandal to contain, and a forsaken lover to comfort. Rhody knows his place and his time well and puts the reader in both with a fast paced and riveting tale. Theo's compulsion "to make things right" leads to a disturbing, but strangely satisfying, climax.