William Robertson McKee

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Wiliam Robertson McKee (September 29, 1808 - February 23, 1847) was a Mexican-American War Officer. A member of the prominent McKee family from Kentucky, he graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1829, the same class as Robert E. Lee and Joseph Johnston. During the War with Mexico, he served for the United States Army and commanded the 2nd Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers, also known as the 2nd Kentucky Foot Regiment. He was killed on the second day of the Battle of Bueana Vista on February 23, 1847, the last major engagement of the war. At the battle, he defended his position against Mexican General Santa Anna with Captain Braxton Bragg's battery and Colonel John J. Hardin's 1st Illinois Regiment.

McKee was severely wounded and fell near the end of the battle. He struggled to keep up the fight until he was overpowered by enemy forces and bayonetted to death. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Clay, Jr., the regiment's second in command, was also killed at the battle near the place that McKee fell. Several monuments were later erected in Kentucky to honor those who had fallen at the battle including those at Midway, and the cemeteries at Battle Grove and Frankfort. His grandfather, William McKee, participated in Lord Dunmore's Campaign at the Battle of Point Pleasant against the Shawnee in 1774. His father, Samuel McKee, was a Congressman from Kentucky. His son, Hugh McKee, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, was killed in 1871 while leading a detachment of soldiers over the walls of a Korean fort on Ganghwa Island during the U.S. and Korea Campaign in 1871.

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