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William Stephen Tribell (born August 15, 1977) is an American poet. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, magazines and journals and online under the pseudonyms Walton S. Tissot, and Wilbur S. Tell. Many of his poems have been recorded, spoken word and with instrumentation, most notably by John Blyth Barrymore and Gary Burbank.

Tribell was born in Frankfort, Kentucky and grew up a few miles from the small town of Burgin and the first settlement in Kentucky, Harrodsburg.

A long-time resident of the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, he witnessed Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and its aftermath. In 2008, he participated in the presidential election as Louisiana State Director for U.S. Senator Mike Gravel. He has traveled extensively settling in Europe in the spring of 2009. Tribell currently lives and writes in Budapest, Hungary.